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May 28, 2012

Memorial Day


Today the team attended the Memorial Day parade! We all showed up bright and early and got right to work decorating our float with streamers, banners, game pieces, and flags! We had both Mainer Mike and our Logomotion robot in the parade running, shooting balls, and lifting tubes. We also got some future Infinite Loopers to play with the robots, and to catch the balls that Mike would shoot! The community seemed very interested and pleased to see us in this years parade! After the parade we all went to Pleasant Point to celebrate Kenzie and Sabineʼs birthdays! Happy Birthday! 

Posted By: Justin
April 14, 2012

Pre- St. Louis Bottle Drive

Before St louis, the team had a bottle drive that went for everyones lunch fees and train fees that went to it. We all piled into cars and set off. The team spread off into miles in every direction asking for bottles to help with the cost of our trip to the world championships. We returned as many bottles as we could within the hours of 9:00am and 12:00pm which turned out to be a few truckloads, and in the end we covered the cost of the train tickets and lunch fees of everyone who went. Woot!

Posted By: Justin
March 24, 2012

Boston Regional

I just wanted to recount how Boston went for everyone who didnʼt hear. We arrived Wednesday afternoon at the hotel, and we all got a nice night of sleep. We were all up Mr. Bernier, Ian, Sabine, Nick, and Derek went into the pits to un-bag it, once the pits opened to the public, the race was on to build a completely new robot that so far was only a vision in our heads. The first step was to completely disassemble the entire robot, then we had to reassemble it, including the new bridge manipulator, and cutting 9 inches off the back of it, removing our ramp and old manipulator.

The team woke up friday ready to put our new and improved mike 2.0 into action. After winning several matches and balancing all day the team was proud with what we had accomplished, the team spirit was high and we were all very excited for saturday.

On saturday we lost 2 of our 3 matches but stayed strong and went into alliance selections ranked 20th. We were picked to complete the 7th place alliance with team 88 (TJ2) and team 1768 (Nashoba Robotics), our opponents, the 2nd seeded alliance team 1100 (The T-Hawks), team 2888 (The Beaverbots), and team 1153 (Robo-Rebels). We won our first quarterfinal match but then lost the next one, then in our third match a timeout was called and 1768 was deemed no longer able to play so team 2876 (Devilbotz) took their place. The new alliance just couldnʼt put up enough points to match our opponents and we got eliminated. We had a great time, and we are all proud of our robot and our team and it was another great showing for Infinite Loop! 

Posted By: Justin
March 10, 2012

WPI Regional

WPI was so much fun!

Day One was the first time at a regional for some of us and we were pumped full of energy! We started the day off early. Got some awesome seats for the practice matches and got to see the robot in action for the first time. Had to work out some problems but overall it was a productive practice day. Day Two was even earlier as we had to secure our favorite seats right in the middle. Kinks still had to worked out. The pusher-downerator was still only semi-operational but we did the best we could with what was working. Our shooter would occasionally not work and autonomous was sometimes random. But at the the end of the day we still pulled of 19th place! Day Three we got into an alliance with 3930 and 4097. Sadly we got knocked out in the quarter finals. But the rest of the matches were awesome to watch and we kept up the cheering as always! When closing ceremonies came around, we were extremely honored to get the Engineering Inspiration Award! We canʼt wait for Boston, but in the mean time, we have a bunch of work to do! 


Posted By: Dakota
February 18th, 2012

Build: Saturday the 18th


Today was another really long day of build! We arrived at Wrabacon at noon and got right to work, Miss Luce and Kenzie started stapling the bumpers together and mounting them while we started driving practice with the competition robot. The twins subsystems also got mounted onto the frame today and it should get wired and ready to run tomorrow! We ended up leaving Wrabacon at 11:30 at night! 


Posted By: Justin
February 17th, 2012

Build: Friday the 17th


Another busy day at Wrabacon today! The twin team got a ton done today, including getting the shooter and lifter finished up and ready to mount. There was a whole crew that worked on getting the bumpers painted and ready to put together. The competition robot got a lot of work done to it too, we finished the plastic guards that protect people and the robot itself from harm in case of mechanical failure, and some people worked on a drivers station prototype.


Posted By: Justin
February 16th, 2012

Build: Thursday the 16th

The team got started today at Wrabacon at 4:30 today but we could only work for an hour and a half because we had a team meeting at 6. Even though we only had a little while to work we got a bunch done, the twin team finished putting together the toughboxes and made a lot of progress on the shooter and lifter mechanism. The competition robot team also got their toughboxes mounted and working. At the meeting however we made a decision that we are going to make 3 speed gearboxes for the robot! woot!!!! But since we are making them, we need all the gears out of all the sets of toughboxes that we have, meaning disassembly must begin tomorrow on the toughboxes!


Posted By: Justin
February 15th, 2012

Build: Wednesday the 15th


Today was quite a productive day even though we started at 4:30. Some people from the twin crew got to work on the shooter and lifter mechanism for it and Robert and Sabine got working on putting toughboxes on it instead of our CIMple gearboxes as well as get started putting the kitwheels together for it. The Competition robot crew also worked on getting a set of toughboxes on that robot as well.


Posted By: Justin
February 13th, 2012

Build: Monday the 13th


Today was a very unproductive day at Wrabacon! The team had to meet late because the Wrabacon workers worked late into the day. The twin team worked on it and getting itsʼ frame done. The competition bot crew worked on getting limit switches on the robot to tell when it had a ball in its grasp and when the bridge pusherdownerator was fully in the robot and when it was out.


Posted By: Justin
January 28th, 2012

Build: Saturday the 28th


The shooter was retested today and scored several baskets. I polished version of the ball lifter was completed and a semi-finished version of the shooter was placed onto. After some tweaking they should be able to be tested as one unit! There was also work done to build a mechanism that can be used to push and hold the bridge down.


Posted By: Bradley
January 26th 2012

Build: Thursday the 26th


Today we began to start to put the bumpers together along with making more progress on the ramp. The prototype shooter was test fired and some revisions were planned to make it shoot farther. We also had a general team meeting where we discussed St.Louis, WPI, and Boston Regional competitions, and how the development of our new Team 2648 handbook was coming along.


Posted By: Bradley
January 23rd, 2012

Build: Monday the 23rd


Today work was done to get the prototype shooter assembled, which included getting a set of the wheels together. The programmers worked at getting the gyro and accelerometer working and tested. The logomotion twin was also taken apart today for additional parts. The drive base for the new robot was able to go over the bump easily with it’s new pneumatic wheels. It was also able to get up onto the ramp and turn back and forth. It was also Miss Luce’s official birthday today! Happy Birthday Miss Luce!


Posted By: Bradley
January 21st, 2012

Build: Saturday the 21st


Another great day for work! The picking up balls group got a prototype finished and it worked! Woot woot! The ramp team had to go to the store to find the right hinges for their ramp. They finally decided upon some that had hinges built in so that they would help with putting the ramp down. The shooter group made a lot of progress even though they had some trouble with the gearbox they were working with which set them back a few steps. The chassis group got the robot wired up with the new wheels and were able to get it over the ramp with the new lift to the frame that they had to do to get the 7.5'' tires over the bump. Mrs. Nielsen brought us some really yummy meatball subs for lunch too! Thank you Mrs. Nielsen! We also got to throw a surprise for Miss Luce for her birthday which is on monday! Happy Birthday Miss Luce! 


Posted By: Justin
January 20th, 2012

Build: Friday the 20th


Today the robot design groups broke and started to chip away at their prototypes and put stuff together. The chassis group got the wheels mostly mounted and ready to go. The shooter group came up with a promising design and started to build it while the picking up the balls group worked together with them and started to build their prototype. The ramp team made a ton of progress on a good looking ramp for robots to drive on after fighting with lexan and plywood. 


Posted By: Justin
January 19th, 2012

Build: Thursday the 19th


The team made a lot of headway today! We unpacked the box that we received from Andymark with our new wheels in it! People started to put the wheels together but it was hard because those tubes just didn't want to fit! At 6 build was over and we had our team meeting at Wrabacon. We worked out some of the robot design and decided when to get the plane tickets for St. Louis! The team also decided to break into groups and work together to design and build the different aspects of the robot. One group will cover the chassis, another the shooter mechanism, one team will work on the ramp design, and another on how to pick up the balls from the ground!


Posted By: Justin
January 16th, 2012

Build: Monday the 16th


Today we got the robot running for the first time! One group worked on a ramp that lets another robot drive on ours which is really exciting! The robot was able to go over our makeshift ramp, and we also balanced it, our breakaway robot, and the twin logomotion robot on the ramp! The team is making a lot of progress and it is looking like another great year for 2648!


Posted By: Justin
January 14th, 2012

Build: Saturday the 14th



Today we made a lot of progress! A team was working on lifting the frame of the robot to make sure that it didn't hit the bump when it drove over. Another team made some progress on the electrical components of it, and the programmers made a lot of progress as well. On monday the robot should run for the first time! Woot woot!


Posted By: Justin
January 13th, 2012

Build: Friday the 13th

Today consisted of a lot of brainstorming.  We thought about ideas to get three robots onto a ramp at the end of and elimination round to get 40 points, which we agree is a very important, if not the most important part of gameplay.  Robert came in with an awesome model of a possible shooting mechanism on SketchUp and also a model of our ramp idea. 

Posted By: Dakota
January 11th, 2012

Build: Wednesday the 11th

Today consisted of a lot of brainstorming.  We thought about ideas to get three robots onto a ramp at the end of and elimination round to get 40 points, which we agree is a very important, if not the most important part of gameplay.  Tomorrow we are going to start building at Wrabacon which should get us going faster as we split into specific groups.


Posted By: Dakota
January 9th, 2012

Build: Sunday the 8th

Today we mainly focused on the drive train and how exactly we were going to go over the bump in the middle of the field. We were playing on SketchUp and doing the math on the board of how big our wheels needed to be and if we were going to have drop-wheels so the frame/bumper wouldn’t hit the bump. Robert made an awesome SketchUp model of a possible shooter and our ramp idea :)


Posted By: Dakota
January 8, 2012

First Day of Build!

Yesterday was the long-awaited first day of Build!  After listing all of the different things that the robot had to do on the white board, the team split into six different groups to get more specific.  We are also trying to get the parts to build a respectable field to eventually practice on.  Everyone is really excited to be back to building and for those of us who have never taken part in Build, we are eager to help and learn as we go!

Posted By: Dakota